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Powerful manufacturers | professional customization | strict testing | considerate service

  • Excellent production process

    Carefully polish product details, optimize product quality, so that every product sold can be trusted by you

  • Tailor-made products

    After hundreds of processing procedures and the staff’s meticulous production, a good thing has been completed.

  • Cost-effective price

    Precise quotation, get rid of moisture, and prevent false high prices

  • Lifetime after-sales service

    No matter pre-sales, in-sales or after-sales, a service hotline that responds at any time 7×24 hours

Strength manufacturer Inheritance of ingenuity

With many years of practical mold manufacturing experience and avant-garde processing and testing equipment, many kinds of technicians

Years of industry experience

Survive by quality

Years of industry experience

Our raw materials are all excellent

Strong production team;

Survive by quality
Tailor-made solutions for customers

Extrusion die production

Tailor-made solutions for customers

Team with more than 8 years of industry experience

Continuous innovation to meet market demand

Support various specifications

Thoughtful after-sales service

Provide excellent after-sales service

Patiently ask for customization on demand before sale

After-sales tracking service

Don't worry!

Provide excellent after-sales service

Guaranteed delivery date

24-hour hotline: 136 3634 2341

Strong after-sales support

Has a number of advanced mold equipment

Instance witnessquality

LED lampshade, soft and hard two-color coextrusion, wood plastic foaming, furniture edge sealing, automobile decorative profiles, building pipes, etc













06、After sale

06、After sale

Shanghai Wenzhi precision mould Co., Ltd

Suzhou huiyufa precision mould Co., Ltd

Shanghai Wenzhi Precision Mold Co., Ltd. is a professional extrusion mold factory, abs tube manufacturer, peled lamp tube manufacturer, manufacturing special-shaped molds for various plastics such as PVC, ABS, PE, PS, PP, PMMA, PC, PA, PET, etc.; At present, the most popular molds are: LED lampshade, soft and hard two-color co-extrusion, wood plastic foaming, furniture edge banding, automotive decorative profiles, construction pipes, etc.; our company has 20 years of mold manufacturing history......



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